Infinite Memory

Infinite Memory
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Includes fully digital Numonic™ Dictionary 2020

Memory Barrier Shattered!


The ability to remember is one of the most powerful capabilities of the human mind and one of the least developed in modern times. Until the late 15th Century, the average European had a memory at least 500 TIMES greater than the average European today. Now, you can use the secrets of the memory masters of the Middle Ages to reawaken this dormant memory power within your mind.

In this audiobook, Infinite Memory Parts 1 and 2, Dr. Dän Lee Dimke will show you how to release the power of these ancient techniques, including Memory Theater, the Method of Loci, Classical Association, the Phonetic Alphabet System and the exciting new memory reference tool based upon it, the Numonic™ Dictionary (also enclosed as an easy-to-reference from anywhere, on-line e-book). Use these methods and mental tools to memorize numbers, formulas, foreign languages, names and faces, an entire book or catalog, and more, with incredible ease.

Eastern students of the mind have also developed powerful mental exercises that have been taught in the ashrams of India and Tibet for centuries. The most powerful of these systems is Cumulative Perception. It has been the technique of choice for those seeking to develop photographic recall for more than a thousand years. An easy-to-use adaptation of the original system is presented in fascinating detail.

In the last two decades, since the development of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI), scientists have been able to actually watch the living human brain in operation. And, the discoveries that have resulted from recent FMRI research are leading to breakthroughs in our understanding of memory and how to enhance it. Infinite Memory Part 3 is devoted to sharing many of these very latest discoveries, that explain, for the first time, why the ancient Eastern and Western memory training methods were, and are, so powerful.

These new scientific discoveries have also led to revolutionary new methods that can elevate memory potential beyond anything ever possible before. Conditioned Stimulus-Response Encoding and Emotio-Stimulus Enhancement are just two of the approaches you'll learn to use to raise your memory power to unimaginable new levels.