Cold-Arrest™­­ Testimonials

…from customers who have used the Cold-Arrest Procedure for up to the past quarter century.

My name is Chris Vermeulen and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At first, my wife and child did not believe that the hot air treatment (as described in the program) would actually work. It is such a simple, easy-to-use technique that anyone can follow it. And what I like the most is the fact that if a cold is caused by a virus this method is guaranteed to work. The positive results are immediate after the treatment. My family now uses the treatment all the time.I used to fall ill with a cold or flu at least four times a year. This meant I had to spend three to four days in bed each time. I no longer could afford the loss in income and my doctor could never give me anything to solve the problem. Then I found Conquer the Common Cold.

Now, if I wake up in the morning with the symptoms of a cold or flu, I apply the technique every hour for five hours. That same evening I go to bed as if I never knew of the virus in the morning. I have not spent any time in bed for the past five years as a result flu by using the procedure described by Dr. Dän Lee Dimke. I have also saved tremendously on unnecessary medical bills for my whole family.

Conquer the Common Cold truly is revolutionary in its approach to a problem every individual on this planet has to deal with.

The virus that causes colds and flu is constantly adapting and medical science has not found any drug that will cure you of the common cold or flu. Dr. Dimke’s discovery treats the real cause of colds and flu by killing off the virus and giving you immediate relief of all the agonising symptoms of colds and flu.

The author, Dr. Dän Lee Dimke, Ph.D., is a remarkable man, and his presentations are very well researched and presented. All his products are worth having in your personal library.

I have been a ordering products from Future World since 1996 on a monthly basis. The service has always been outstanding and very professional. Never ever did anything go wrong with the shipping. The products always reched me in superb condition. And I live in Africa. This says something for Future World!!

My name is Anthony Beaumont. I live in Shelley, Yorkshire in the UK.

I saw Conquer the Common Cold on my Future World Web pages and as I and my family always seem to be get serious colds, I thought it would be a good investment in our health. I have tried it myself, and whilst I did not get the full kill, so to speak, I did get very much reduced symptoms and a much shorter period of suffering. I usually get only 2 or 3 colds per year, but when I do get them I usually suffer for two to three weeks, I start with a raw or sore throat first which can be for up to a week, then I get the nose dribbles for 3 to 5 days with the resulting sore nose, then followed by a chest cough. So all in all, the ColdARREST™ procedure worked well for me. I began using it at the first sign of the sore throat, this did not develop, I had 2 days of slightly runny nose, and no chest cough. I consider that a great success. I shall now continue with the cold prevention procedure regularly.

I find all of Dr. Dimke presentations most informative and enlightening. Everything is expressed in a clear, concise and easy to understand way that anyone can follow. And, the Future World Staff are the best, the ordering and service are second to none, speedy international delivery, prompt and courteous response to both e-mail and telephone calls.

My name is David Miskimin and I live in Wincham, Cheshire, England.

The Conquer the Common Cold cassette is superb – definitely not to be sniffed at! It is a classic “Dän Lee Dimke, Ph.D.”, in that it gets straight to the point, whilst backing up the practicality with in-depth well-researched background information.The programme is totally informative with some staggering information I’d never even heard about let alone considered. Yet colds have been around forever! After listening to the cassette program, I am now armed to put the cure into action the instant I need it.

Dr. Dimke is a genius. He takes information that has been around, yet not widely revealed, and makes it understandable and practical. All this without fuss or spin. I recommend everyone try the methods in Conquer the Common Cold. Its so simple anyone can do it. Also, I received incredible service from Future World- fast, friendly, informative, and totally impressive.

My name is Ernst J. Plautz and I live outside of Random Lake, Wisconsin.

Awhile ago, a long while ago, I got information about Future World though the mail and joined. When Future World introduced Conquer the Common Cold I I did not get a copy right away, but I’m sure glad I finally did.

I think the information and the ideas and the reseach behind the ColdARREST procedure is fascinating and the procedure works great! I’m amazed at the results.

Hello. I’m Gene Wyngaard and I live in New Zealand and I am a technical sales engineer.

I heard about Conquer the Common Cold in a magazine a long time ago. I was a natural health sales representative when I bought the program. I listened to it a several times and thought it was very good and yes, easy to listen to. I have used the procedure many times and it certainly does work! Thank you.

My name is Neil Wilson and I live near the small village of Westruther in the Scottish Borders, U.K. (Basically, it is in the middle of nowhere, however it’s peaceful and the scenery is wonderful.)

I first heard of Dr. Dimke after hearing an interview he gave to Peter Thomson, for his Achievers Edge programme in the UK. I also received a few of his tapes, such as the Free Phenomenon, Super Achievement and I was very impressed. I thereafter took a look at Future World, where I became a Communicator for some time (mainly to buy all of Dr. Dimke’s courses at half price!) I have always been interested in health matters and was naturally drawn to the Conquer the Common Cold programme.

I found the research behind the ColdARREST™ procedure absoultely fascinating. To have read so much information on the subject left me in absolute awe. I have always found Dr. Dimke an immensely interesting person to listen to. He has a very distinctive and attractive style to his presentations.

I have used The Cold Arrest procedure on quite a few occassions. I have to say that the earlier it is used, the better, almost when you could feel a cold brewing in the back of your throat (that’s where it always seems to come first with me). I have to say that personally my symptoms did not always relinquish, although the symptoms were not nearly as severe, compared to not having done the procedure.

Living in Scotland, I am never failed to be impressed by the speed of Future World’s deliveries from America. My order invariably arrives quicker than an order from the UK. Ordering is easy (and I’m not meaning to suck up here, honest !) but I always found speaking to Linda an absolute pleasure. She is always happy and helpful without being over the top. “Have a nice day ya’ll”, if you know what I mean.


The following is excerpted from a February 24, 2003 Press Release from the University of Michigan Health Systems, Ann Arbor, MI –

Catching a cold isn’t cheap. A study published in the February 24th edition of Archives of Internal Medicine reports that the cost to the U.S. economy is $40 billion a year – substantially more than other conditions such as asthma, heart failure and emphysema.

“A cold is the most commonly occurring illness in humans, so it was no surprise that there are approximately 500 million colds each year in the U.S.,” says Mark Fendrick, M.D., lead author on the paper and codirector of the Consortium for Health Outcomes, Innovation, Cost Effectiveness Studies (CHOICES) at UMHS. “What was a surprise is how often the public uses the health care system to treat a cold.”

The study measured doctor bills, over-the-counter medication, and prescription drugs. It also recorded missed school and work days, a cost that is generally overlooked, added Fendrick.

“The public doesn’t usually consider the costs associated with missing a day of work due to illness or having to stay home to take care of a sick child”, says Dr. Fendrick “Not surprisingly, lost work drives most of the cost.”

The study found that Americans spend $2.9 billion on over-the-counter drugs and another $400 million on prescription medicines for symptomatic relief. Additionally, more than $1.1 billion are spent annually on the estimated 41 million antibiotic prescriptions for cold sufferers, even though antibiotics have no effect on a viral illness.

“We found that the common cold leads to more than 100 million physician visits annually at a conservative cost estimate of $7.7 billion per year,” Fendrick says. “More than one third of patients who saw a doctor received an antibiotic prescription. While these unnecessary costs are problematic, what is more concerning is how these treatment patterns contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance, a significant public health concern.”

The study reports that an estimated 189 million school days (an average of nearly 1 day per episode) are missed annually due to a cold. As a result, parents missed 126 million workdays in order to stay home to care for their child. When added to the workdays missed by employees suffering from a cold, the total economic impact of cold-related work loss exceeds $20 billion.

Written by: Carrie Hagen

* The ColdARREST™ Procedure, seems to be equally effective in helping to prevent nearly all types of heat sensitive, common cold-causing viruses, including the entire coronavirus family discovered prior to the current SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. We have not yet received any testimonials from patients who were confirmed to be COVID-19 positive. While all available evidence suggests that the current coronavirus appears to the share same heat-sensitivity demonstrated by others in this virus family, only a number of confirmed, rapid recoveries will begin to offer evidence of the potential effectiveness of the Cold-Arrest™ Procedure in helping to accelerate reversal of infection.
CAUTION: This procedure is NOT a cure for coronavirus! It has not yet been endorsed by any health authority. Until then, it should be ONLY be considered as a one more layer of prevention IN ADDITION TO ALL OTHER PRECAUTIONS recommended by the CDC, WHO, or other health authorities – including hand washing, social distancing, coughing and sneezing into a sleeve, avoiding contact with others who display symptoms, getting tested for COVID-19 if fever and other respiratory symptoms develop, and immediately practicing self-isolation if tested positive for COVID-19.
Should you elect to try this procedure yourself, remember to follow all procedures exactly as presented, using only the suggested heat sources. (Steam is NOT one of them). DO NOT use excessive levels of heat that cause ANY level of discomfort. DO NOT use older (pre-1990) external heat devices that are not equipped with a Ground-Fault Interrupt Circuit designed to prevent electric shock. Spray with distilled or previously-boiled water at room temperature whenever possible. Follow ALL manufacturer-recommended precautions for sauna use and begin with only 3 to 5-minute sessions. Increase gradually. Avoid sauna use entirely, if you are consuming alcohol, or have a fever or high blood pressure. And, consult your doctor, before using a sauna, if you are being treated for any medical condition or currently taking prescription medications. Safety first!