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My name is Willy Oldebring. I was born in Sweden on May 25th, 1958. I joined Future World in 1995. I took a chance. "Perhaps their system works", I thought. I was willing to at least try it. So, I advertised and got a few people in my downline. It was okay. The system worked and I was satisfied.

When the advertising for a different company showed up in my mailbox, it seemed like an even better company. "I will start with that company, too", I thought. But, this turned out to be a mistake. I found out that many companies make a lot of promises but not many deliver on them. Future World, however, turned out to be one of the few companies that not only delivers on its promises, but its marketing plan actually works.

Within a short time, I saw that my monthly FuturePrint™ sales summary contained names of people that I never heard about before. My business was beginning to grow all by itself. FANTASTIC! All I did was to find a few customers and dealers, then I didn't do nothing, and then suddenly I had a booming business.

I have been working with this company now for a few years and I can honestly tell you that it really works. I can't say enough about how good and how fast the service is. It has given me new contacts in Sweden, Norway, England, Canada and the USA I'm now working on Australia, I already have my first few contacts there. I welcome you to do the same as I did. Future World really is the best.
- Willy Oldebring, Vasteras, SWEDEN


I'm proud to be associated with a real ethical company and a wonderful staff.
- Waqar Akhtar, London • ENGLAND


I've made more then $20,000 with Future World so far and used it to help launch my own mailing list business. Now I have two extra incomes. Thanks.
- Donald Raybuck, Sharpesville, PA • USA


Hi. My name is Stephen Brown — shown here during an interview on WNAW radio. I am a Yankee, born and bred. I grew up about 12 miles from Plymouth, where the Pilgrims landed. You remember 1620, the Mayflower Compact, Thanksgiving....

I joined Future World because opportunity seemed to fit my mission of “giving light to those who sit in darkness and guiding their feet onto the path of peace.” Future World to me is not a distributer of books, tapes, CD-ROM items etc., but a way to help individuals set up and grow home based home businesses as well as make their lives more joyous, prosperous and fulfilling.

Future World is cutting edge. It is always looking for new ways to service its Communicators and customers more effectively. I am always amazed at how Future World has grown and evolved both in terms of product length and depth and the means by which products are distributed. I feel it is really cool to tell my friends and colleagues about my web sites! I have found the organization and its people to be dedicated and caring.

I also have to say that Future World has integrity. What they tell you is true. I have followed the advise given and have seen my business grow and expand in spite of taking a respite from the business for a couple years. The system works.

When a new person joins I advise them to take advantage to co-op advertising opportunities to get a fast start, to read and apply all the resources that Future World offers, and to work diligently with your upline and the communicators you recruit to build a vibrant, user friendly business. I also advise patience. It takes time to learn the business and make it grow.

Recently I started an e-mail newsletter for my downline. It has been fun to put together and has also helped my focus on what I am doing and why. I also have to say that the feedback has been wonderful. I find it truly rewarding to communicate with and get to know people from around the world who are dedicated, caring individuals. There is nothing like Future World.
- Stephen D. Brown, Halifax, MA • USA


I am making more money than I ever dreamed possible. "This is the most profitable business I've ever found. I wish I had known about Future World years ago. How can it be this easy?"
- Armin Darmstadt, Toronto • CANADA


My name is John T. Wilson. As an educator, ex-college principal, director of the publishing firm, Information World, Ltd., and author of my own monthly newsletter, Great Ideas, I find Future World to be a great partner, enhancing my own publications with really top-class products — and it's a real state-of-the-art company offering a great opportunity and staffed by wonderful, helpful people.

Over the years, I have found it wise to be cautious with one's praise, especially where companies are concerned. A thriving and well-run business today, can easily become a disaster tomorrow — that can make one regret any of the favourable comments that one might have made. But, after many satisfying years of association with Future World, it is one of the few companies that I can recommend unreservedly.
- John T. Wilson, St Ives • Cornwall • ENGLAND


"Sales are going very well. There are very few other sources of American cassettes here. Thank you for the start."
- J. Von Senger, Pinetown • SOUTH AFRICA


Hello. My name is Randy Swanston. I am a chiropractor living and working in Edmonton, Alberta. I am also a pilot with a multi-engine and instrument rating.

In my spare time, I study marketing and computers so that I will have the opportunity to sell my products through the Internet, all over the world. I have found Future World to be a valuable partner in this spare time project.

In just a short time, my Future World business has grown to the point that I earn a sizable commission income every month. I am pleased that I always receive Future World's income payment on time. Future World's accounting department is excellent. And, my business has reached the point where it is growing steadily on its own.
Dr. Randolph Swanston, Edmonton, AB • CANADA


"Thanks for all the hard work you've put into making the Future World business such an excellent opportunity."
- Gary Bradley, Surrey • ENGLAND


Hi. My name is Michael Williams. I am a native of the picturesque island of Jamaica. While searching the Internet one night for motivational material, I visited the Future World Web Site, and felt molten liquids flowing through my veins. I immediately e-mailed my application and called Future World the Monday following the weekend. I have been ordering Future World products steadily ever since then to keep myself educated and informed. I am fired up about your success, and mine.

Here is just one example: Future World's audiocassette presentation, The Decision Maker's Tool Kit has provided me with mental tools that allow me to make fast, accurate, financially sound decisions almost instantly. What a difference it has made for me. As a result, I have invested in what I consider to be a solid foundation. I have several profitable home businesses established and am well grounded. Thank you for wonderful, life-enhancing products, and a great opportunity!
Michael Williams, Grand Cayman • CAYMAN ISLANDS


Hi. I'm Carrie Jane Loftis. I simply had to write to you to say how pleased I am. Future world produces some of the most useful memory and learning cassettes available anywhere. And I have used and recommended them for many years. However, I was especially impressed with your new cassette, Conquer the Common Cold, that I have recently used and have begun recommending to countless others, including many doctors who are among my circle of acquaintances in Texas and Florida.

I am pleased to report that many of these doctors are now sharing these techniques with their patients. The large body of published medical evidence that you have used to so thoroughly document the ColdArrest™ process gives it the credibility it needs to be accepted by other medical professionals.

You are years ahead of others with your leading edge information products, especially in the areas of mental development and learning enhancement, and now state-of-the-art alternative medicine. I hope that you will keep it up.
- Carrie Jane Loftis — Lozanov Learning Institute • Dallas, TX • USA


Hi. My name is Tod Miles. I'm holding a copy of my favorite Future World product, Secrets of Wealth by Dr. Dan Lee Dimke, for a reason. I've made this cassette, and it's companion product, Super Achievement the focal point of my Internet marketing campaign.

If everyone would just listen to these two cassettes and apply the concepts they contain, I believe that they could solve their financial worries forever. Will they do for you what they've done for me? There is an easy way to find out. Listen to them yourself and you'll see what I mean.
Tod Miles, Prescott, AZ • USA


My Future World earnings have doubled my income in the last six months. Thanks for all your help.
- Arthur Randall, Randolph, MA • USA


I have seen that it is possible to earn a four figure monthly income with Future World.
- Mollie Mossman • Certified Public Accountant, Irving, Texas, USA


Hi. We're Johan and Karin Sternberg from the town of Norrhult, Sweden. Our philosophy is simple, "Enjoy life and let Future World make money for you". That is exactly what we do. We find this program to be a professional, ready-made concept designed for maximum convenience.

It's easy for us to operate this business together, even from as far away as Scandinavia. The Internet brings people all over the world close together. It's wonderful. Why not try a monthly subscription and see for yourself.
Best regards.

Johan & Karin Sternberg, Norrhult, • SWEDEN


"I've been searching all this time, and I think I've ultimately found the perfect business. This Future World opportunity is glorious!"
- David Banton, Nottingham • ENGLAND


"I love Future World products! Thanks so much! The tapes are working for me... I'm finding very positive change."
- Chris Davis, Sydney • AUSTRALIA


Hi. I'm Michael Neuroth.

I've been working with this company for a long time. Future World and Dan Lee Dimke have always provided me with timely, cutting edge information.

Linda Lane, the Customer Relations director is user friendly with her prompt and courteous help.

I'm really excited about the new products, the new Internet features and the upcoming mailing campaign, especially since I've gained access to the Internet myself.

Michael Neuroth, Valley Springs, SD • USA



Hello. Gavin Simpson here. If you wish to improve your personal skills and indeed your business acumen, then you need to look no further. I have found a wealth of information in Future World's products and it's amazing global marketing program. I advise those who are networkers, or would like to become one, to invest in some of these outstanding books and cassettes to improve your performance and surprise your colleagues. Also, I find the "Clone Your Own Business" promotion to be superb. I am anxiously awaiting the results of the latest co-op mail campaign with interest.

With Compliments.

Gavin B. Simpson, Surrey, Camberly • ENGLAND



My name is Merv Rath. I live in Melbourne, capital of the State of Victoria in Australia. I have lived for 73 years in the 20th Century. But, as I look forward to the 21st Century, I feel that Future World is already there.

I encourage everyone I can to become a part of it. It's a pleasant and satisfying business. It's also a great feeling to be just a little bit ahead of everyone else.


Mervyn D. Rath, Mill Park, Melbourne, VIC • AUSTRALIA


I am Rod Hamilton. I like Future world because it can be a great Business Opportunity and they package positive business information at low prices.

I was self-employed from 1966 to 1996. I'm currently working at home. I'm a part time Future World Communicator. With their help, I'm learning how to be successful in this new business by informing other people about what Future World can do for them.

Are you interested in supplementing your income? If so, I would invite you to take a look at the information about Future World. I think it's what you're looking for.


Rod Hamilton, Clayton, CA • USA


Hi. My name is Tod Kovachevich.

I operate TNT Global Research, a small business consulting and publishing company. I have to tell you that Future World is the easiest, most profitable , and most of all realistic home business I've ever seen.

The products are excellent and the staff is great!

Thank you, Future World!

To Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

T. J. Kovachevich — TNT GLOBAL RESEARCH, Irving, TX • USA


Hello, I'm Martyn Brown from Poole in Dorset UK and I'm really enjoying the Future-World, working from home, business opportunity.

I am married, with one son and live in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the local town, which is one of the fastest growing in the UK.

I work as a manager/engineer for a Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) on a day-on, day-off basis (myself and my assistant work alternate days) which gives me time to run a discotheque agency which I started over twenty years ago. The only thing is, customers tend to book discotheques and karaoke shows mainly for weekends, so this gives me spare time in the week. This got me thinking about working from home, to use my spare time earning money doing something enjoyable that did not tie me down to specific hours.

Future World was just the ticket. I run it alongside my other part time business and one compliments the other. So, as you can see, my life is pretty full at the moment.

I also run my own web site for the UK Amusement Arcade Industry as I noticed that all the major amusement and leisure manufacturers had on but nobody seemed to represent the arcade or FEC industry. You can find it at, www.amusements.mcmail.com.

Internet technology interests me and that is what attracted me to Future World. I hope that as you look through the many products that you will find something that will help in whatever you do.

Martyn Brown, Poole, Dorset • ENGLAND



"I am pleased with your company.

I am very satisfied at the speed in which your staff handles my purchases."

John O' Day — St. Louis, MO • USA



"The free lead program has really impressed me with this company.

I completely feel like the whole team is on my side. And the customer service is incredible too."

T.J. Graves — Wichita, KS • USA



"Thank you for the rapid answer to my question. I appreciate the way Future World does things.

So many organizations I have put money into need to take a lesson from you."

Jim Newstrom — Brooklyn Park, MN • USA



  "THANK YOU for your low prices."

John Fifer — Johnson, AZ • USA





"Thanks for your prompt and efficient. More than any other business we're involved with, we always feel that the Future World staff is truly committed to helping [communicators] succeed!"

Jim and Laura Hoffman — Naperville, IL • USA




"Thanks for the quick and articulate response."

Russ Biaggi — Plantation, FL • USA





"I have studied other companies' boombox recording programs but your tape was the most informative and gave several ideas I had never heard of before. Also, you offer much more in the way of packaging than other companies. Future World is much more professional and actually a better bargain."

Kathleen VanBeekom — Grand Rapids, MI • USA



"I am always so pleased with the customer service I receive. I love this company!"

William Webb — Birmingham, AL • USA


"It is a very reassuring feeling to know that [Linda] is a real person that sends real answers to all the questions I have. After years of looking at work-at-home businesses and finding unpleasant catches in all the other programs, it sure was great to find Future World. Your program is so simple and straightforward, and [the staff] is all very focused on helping Comms. I can't think of anything else I could ask for."

Marlisa Brown — Medina, OH • USA


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